Behind every venture we have seen a different reality and we build together with all the tools we have.

All of the work below was initiated by Desmond Gentle.





Desmond's Plastic bottle greenhouse geodesic dome

The first plastic bottle greenhouse in Ladakh was built through the combined efforts of Desmond, Anna and Venture Ladak, a trekking company based in Leh Town. This was to prove plastic as a viable building material.

Desmond Gentle spent innumerable hours seeking the most efficient way for using bottles as a building material in areas overrun by plastic waste. The concept was to build the dome as a performance hall at Singela pass, to raise awareness of Waste Management Issues in Ladakh.

Desmond recited a poem, written specifically for the venture, at "The Highest Concert" recital. 

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Understanding the impacts of modernity

 Understanding the impacts of modernity on rural areas is a key theme of the Desmond's film, "Piano to Zanskar". Our idealised perception of rural life in mountainous regions is turned upside down, when we have real conversations with indigenous peoples. The hardship of life offers powerful incentive for the implementation of development with greater access to food, medicine and opportunities.

More detail on this topic can be seen in Desmond's film "Piano to Zanskar".

Photo credit to Jarek Kotomski 

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